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New Video – AL Series Wall Pack – Explains installation positions!

Jarvis Lighting has a new video that showcases our AL Series Wall Pack LED Light Fixture.  Check it out below!

The AL Series wall pack is unique because it can be used in two configurations.  When installed in one position, it works as a full cut-off, dark sky wall pack.  When installed in another configuration, it is a true forward throw wall pack.  This gives the installer options, especially when upgrading and retrofitting sites to LED.

Its often better to use the downward, full cut-off lighting configuration when the lights are over a doorway.  Another good application for this mounting position is when the lights are mounted up higher and only need to light a small amount of the property.  When installed in this position, the optics create a reasonably wide light spread.

For applications where a very large area needs to be illuminated, such as a parking lot or a large field, we recommend using the forward throw configuration.  This installation position creates a very wide and forward light pattern.  It will cover a good distance and sends light horizontally away from the wall.  The forward-throw position is quite useful for lighting up any area that does not have light poles.  Self-storage facilities, industrial buildings, commercial properties and any other application that needs energy efficient security lighting will benefit from installing the AL Series in the forward-throw position.

The AL Series has two optical patterns, W and F.  These are configured at the factory.  The W optic is the standard optic and features the widest light pattern.  The F optic is a flood or focused optic, which creates more optical intensity but less width.  We recommend the W optic for almost all applications.  The F optic is useful when trying to focus light onto an object, such as a sign or a flagpole.  The F optic is typically used in conjunction with a mounting tenon.

The AL series can be used as both a downlight and an uplight.  It is rated for wet locations.


Here is a link to the product page: Jarvis AL Product Page

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