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Main address: 1950 Estes Ave, 60007 Elk Grove Village, IL
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LED Replacing and Retrofitting

With the current technology, and the new advancements being made every day, LED replacement and retrofitting has become a must to replace older technology such as metal halide or fluorescent. LED lighting has now made it possible to cut energy costs, install longer lasting light fixtures, and also use more versatile designs.

One of the most responsible reasons to start moving to LEDs is the energy savings. With the technology in LEDs energy usage is sometimes up 75% less. When looking at a commercial scale the sometimes daunting initial price tag of switching over is made up in as little as a year in the savings of energy cost. Along the same lines is the efficiency and durability of LEDs. When looking at the older technology you’ll find lights that burn hot and dim or fade almost immediately after starting their life, contrary to that what you’ll find with LEDs is a more efficient, consistent brightness, and a cooler temperature.

The second huge benefit of switching to LEDs is accomplished because of their efficiency. That benefit is their long lifetime. You’ll find when looking at the Jarvis Lighting product line that many light fixtures are guaranteed for up to 10 years or 100,00 hours of run time. When you consider these are guaranteed minimums it’s easy to see that on top of the energy savings cost you will be saving money not having to replace bulbs or fixtures constantly.

Replacing fixtures isn’t always something that can be accomplished, whether it be cost or capability sometimes it just isn’t possible to install all new fixtures. When this is the case a great option can be retrofitting. Retrofitting is the process of taking an existing fixture and converting to LED. A great example would be the Jarvis Lighting SCRT-320 Scottsdale Retrofit. With this fixture you’ll be able to keep the already installed fixture in place, and replace the light source and power supply to convert it into a new more efficient and brighter LED fixture. 

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