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Differences between HID (metal halide or sodium) fixtures and LED fixtures

Light output for an HID fixture is measured differently than for an LED fixture. HID fixtures are measured on the light source level and do not account for light losses due to reflector losses, optical losses and upward light losses (which can be as much as 40% of the fixture’s original output.)  Additionally, HID fixtures degrade and lose 10-15% or more of their light output each year. The LED fixtures’ light levels are evaluated on a whole-fixture level and take into account optical and reflector losses. LED light fixtures do not degrade rapidly like HID fixtures. It is difficult to compare HID fixtures with LED fixtures when comparing only lumens and not taking actual real-world light levels into consideration.


Many HID fixtures have a CRI (color rendering index) in the range of 50.  CRI is rated on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being perfect. Most Jarvis outdoor LED fixtures have a CRI that is greater than 70, which improves visibility by making colors more clear.


Many of Jarvis Lighting’s fixtures are rated for a lifetime of 15-22 years when operated 12 hours per day. 

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