Sku: A51-150W-50K-110

High quality LED high bay illumination with a wide variety of settings. These settings can be used for indoor and for commercial use. This fixture features a black housing with a mount capable of being placed in many locations.

Product Advantages

Tempered glass lens resists soot and never yellows

The A51 lens is made of a high quality tempered glass lens that is designed to stand the test of time. It resists soot build-up and won’t yellow, so you can count on long lasting high quality illumination.

Power supply is balanced on center of fixture

Many high bay fixtures feature an unbalanced power supply which causes fixtures to hang crooked. This slows down installation since every fixture must be individually balanced. The A51 is designed with a centered power supply so the fixture hangs straight and the installation looks professional.

Cooler operating temperatures because of heat-radiating

Designed to stand up to tough environments the A51 series has been treated with a heat radiating thermal coating. This allows the fixture to operate at a lower temperature even under intense conditions which significantly improves the fixtures longevity.