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An LED light perfect for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial settings. This A51-A series is designed for a wide variety of lighting needs and can be used for many locations.
  • Impact resistant lens designed for maximum illumination
  • Standard round design for easy installation
  • Compatible with motion sensors
  • 90° and 110° light spreads reduces shadows and improves uniformity
Wattage Range: 100-240W
Lumens Range: 15,000-36,000lm
This light fixture can be used for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial settings. With the slim housing of the A51-Z series, it makes for a quick installation and boosts the lighting...
  • Impact resistant lens
  • Available "plug-n-play" motion sensors
  • 120° wide light spread reduces shadows and improves uniformity
  • Traditional round high bay design
Wattage Range: 100-250W
Lumens Range: 15,000 - 37,500lm
HBL Series has great illumination for a wide variety of high bay lighting needs. Useful for gymnasiums, factories, and warehouses. High quality lighting at a cost-effective solution.
  • Advanced thermal management aluminum alloy
  • Excellent upgrade option from T8 and T12 fluorescent linear high bay lights
  • Optical diffuser improves eye comfort and reduces glare
  • Multiple mounting and hanging options for easy installation
Wattage Range: 90-300W
Lumens Range: 12,600-40,000lm
The HBR Series’s hook or pendant mounting makes replacing 250-400W metal halide fixtures lighting fast. This series offers a 120° beam angle for wide light coverage and can be ordered...
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate optical diffuser improves eye comfort and light quality
  • Compatible with motion sensors
  • Sealed die-cast aluminum housing
  • Includes hook mount for easy installation
Wattage Range: 97-180W
Lumens Range: 13,700-23,500lm
This sleek linear strip retrofit kit is compatible with many linear fluorescent light fixtures, including T8 and T12 fixtures. Built for lighting fast installations, its unique design creates bright even...
  • Hides existing fixture componentry and appears as a brand new LED fixture
  • Optical diffuser improves eye comfort and reduces glare
  • Compatible with motion sensors
  • Incredibly fast retrofit installation uses pre-existing lamp body
Wattage Range: 24-40W
Lumens Range: 3,120-5,205lm
This linear strip light fixture has a wide 120° beam angle which allows for an excellent solution for low bay lighting applications. This product is designed to replace existing fluorescent fixtures and...
  • Suitable for suspended mounting
  • Dimming capable
  • Easily replaces HID and fluorescent fixtures
  • Durable aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
Wattage Range: 24-64W
Lumens Range: 3,120-8,525lm
The Jarvis WRP Series LED wraparound is a cost effective solution for a wide variety of residential and commercial lighting applications, including hallways, offices, utility rooms, and stairwells. Capable of...
  • Impact resistant plastic diffuser protects LEDs and improves eye comfort
  • 20% greater color rendering and 50% less energy use than equivalent fluorescent models
  • Traditional form factor for easy installation
  • Housing is thermally optimized for to support maximum LED performance
Wattage Range: 40W
Lumens Range: 5,107-5,280lm
The DOCK light illuminates truck docks while using less power than traditional options. Compatible with an optional 42" adjustable arm and high-quality illumination.
  • Compact yet durable die-cast aluminum housing
  • Available with a 42” adjustable mounting arm
  • Achieves OSHA regulation for truck dock lighting requirements
  • Individual optics for a controlled beam
Wattage Range - 23W
Lumens Range - 2,499lm