Sku: A51-Z-150W-50K-120

This light fixture can be used for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial settings. With the slim housing of the A51-Z series, it makes for a quick installation and boosts the lighting for any location.

Product Advantages

Available plug-in sensor increases energy savings and performance in seconds

The A51-Z is designed to be upgraded with a Microwave PhotoMotion™ Sensor in seconds, providing a significant increase in energy savings. Capable of custom programming via the A326 remote control, the A51-Z can be tailored to perform to your exact needs.

Power supply is balanced on center of fixture

Many high bay fixtures feature an unbalanced power supply which causes fixtures to hang crooked. This slows down installation since every fixture must be individually balanced. The A51-Z is designed with a centered power supply so the fixture hangs straight and the installation looks professional.

Cooler operating temperatures because of heat-radiating fin design

Intended to stand up to tough environments the A51-Z series has been designed with unique heat-radiating fins. This allows the fixture to operate at a lower temperature even under intense conditions which significantly improves the fixtures longevity.