Sku: ARJ-300-50K-UV-T3-WHT-SFM-DM

ARJ Series LED Area Light lights up parking lots and other large areas. Several mounts such as the slipfitter, square, or round pole direct mounts are compatible with this light fixture.


Attention: For products using PhotoMotion™ sensors, the sensors can be partially programmed with internal switches but not all functions can be programmed. For total customization of all functions, the A315 Programming Remote is required and can be seen and purchased here: A315 PhotoMotion™ Programming Remote


Product Advantages

Available with pre-programmed motion sensor with daylight harvesting capabilities

Looking to have an area light that is tailored to meet your exact lighting needs? The ARJ series can be ordered to ship with a pre-installed and programmed PhotoMotion sensor. This sensor can drastically increase your energy savings and can be easily re-programmed using our simple A315 remote.

Larger physical size created a better appearance when installed

By utilizing a larger die-cast aluminum housing the ARJ helps avoid the “Small Head/Big Body” appearance problem that occurs with other LED area lights which can look cheap and unprofessional.

UV-resistant powdercoat finish avoid fading and flaking

The die-cast aluminum housing of the ARJ series is treated with a UV-resistant powdercoat. This means that the fixture’s paint won't flake or fade over time, ensuring the fixture always looks clean and professional.