Sku: WMFT-E-7L-50K-UV-BRZ-DM + A299A

The Jarvis WMFT-E Series LED wall pack features a traditional wallpack housing and forward-throw optic design. Utilization of light is improved by directing more light forward and down, increasing surface illumination levels and decreasing light pollution.

Product Advantages

Factory installed photocell

The WMFT-E ships with a pre-installed photocell. This saves installation time in the field while maximizing energy savings right away. When the photocell detects sunlight, the photocell switches the light fixture off. When no sunlight is detected, the photocell turns on the light fixture.

Glass lens never yellows

A high quality glass lens means the WMFT-E will never have reduced light output due to a yellowing lens.

Internal level ensures professional appearance

Designed with an internal level on the mounting plate the WMFT-E takes the guesswork out of a fast and professional looking installation