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LED Cooler Lighting

LED Cooler Lighting

Jarvis Lighting offers solutions for refrigerated cooler lighting for C-stores and grocery stores. Our products provide standard solutions for upgrading lights in lengths of 4’, 5’ and 6’. Contact us a lighting expert at (800) 363-1075 for more information on how to improve your cooler.

Introduction to LED Cooler Lights

Linear Refrigerator Lighting, or more commonly known as LED Cooler Lighting, is an important yet often overlooked part of running a C-store or grocery store. The goal of refrigerated lighting is to illuminate products inside the cooler. Properly executed cooler lighting can make shopping easier and help a store sell more products.

The Differences Between Fluorescent and LED Cooler Lighting

Before LED technology was prevalent, the typical solution was to position a T8 fluorescent or T12 fluorescent lamp between each door. This was an acceptable but not ideal solution. The main drawbacks were lamp performance and power consumption.  Fluorescent lamps do not perform well in cold environments so the positions inside a cooler could never provide optimal light output and lifetime. Power consumption was also high.  Fluorescent linear refrigerated lighting is not as efficient as LEDs, plus any heat created by the fluorescent lamps was trapped inside the cooler and required the refrigeration system to work even harder. LED technology performs with increased efficiency in cool conditions and therefore is an optimal solution. LED cooler lights emit less heat than fluorescent lamps and therefore save energy both on lighting and also on reduced refrigeration system consumption.

Typical LED Cooler Lighting Installation and Retrofits

LED Cooler Lighting manufactured by Jarvis Lighting is designed to integrate easily into new and existing coolers. The new LED cooler lights mount on the inside of a cooler between each door. The LED refrigeration lights are designed so that the LEDs aim light directly on the products inside the cooler. The light output and light color are optimized for the application.

Please contact us at (800) 363-1075 for more information on LED cooler lighting.

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