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Jarvis Lighting
1950 Estes Avenue,
Elk Grove Village,
IL 60007
Email: info@jarvislighting.com
(800) 363-1075
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Main address: 1950 Estes Ave, 60007 Elk Grove Village, IL
Tel:(800)363-1075, Fax:(312)284-5576 , E-mail: info@jarvislighting.com
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Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

Jarvis Lighting manufactures outdoor lighting used for dusk-to-dawn applications. These lights offer a durable and efficient solution for common lighting needs.

The DB Series is typically mounted to wooden poles or on the sides of buildings. This light offers a wide light pattern that sends light in all directions. It features a built-in photocell that switches the light on and off at dusk and dawn.

The WPS Series is typically installed  near or above doorways on the sides of buildings. This light is designed to illuminate the area around it and provide visibility and security. The WPS series features a built-in photocell.

Introduction to Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

Dusk-to-Dawn lighting is typically used in applications where safety and security are important. Dusk-to-dawn lights often include a photocell or photosensor designed to control the light fixture so it turns on at dusk and off at dawn. This photocell is typically a simple on/off sensor that runs the light fixture at full brightness when it is on. Some dusk-to-dawn models include motion sensors that increase or decrease light levels based on activity and motion detected.

Some dusk-to-dawn lights are known as Barn Lights. The DB series is an example of this style. These lights are typically install up high, either on wooden light poles or on the sides of buildings. They can be installed in other areas as well. The lightspread is very wide and in all directions. The term ‘barn light’ comes from it being extremely common for a farm to install one or two of these lights on their barn.

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