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Light Poles for Parking Lots

Jarvis Lighting  manufactures and sources light poles. Jarvis Lighting has organized poles into two categories – Standard and Custom. Standard poles are inventoried in Elk Grove Village, IL and are usually in stock. Custom poles are built to order.

Poles currently classified as standard poles are 20’ length 4’ square steel poles and 20’ length 5’ square steel poles in bronze finish. Standard poles come pre-drilled to accept any of Jarvis Lighting’s tenons or mounting brackets. Standard poles have slotted bases and will work with existing 8.5” bolt circle sizes as well as existing 9” bolt circle, 10” bolt circle and 11” bolt circle sizes. Standard pole include hand-hole cover and internal grounding lug inside the hand hole. 3/4″ galvanized anchor bolts and metal base covers can be ordered separately.

Custom poles are available in virtually any size or length. Custom poles can be manufactured in round or square configurations. Material options include steel and aluminum. Nearly any finish color is available including bronze, white, black, grey, silver, red and blue. For custom poles, all accessories required for the installation, including anchor bolts and base covers must be ordered separately.

Introduction to Parking Lot Light Poles

The primary objective of any parking lot lighting installation is to create a safe and visible space. Parking lot lights are typically positioned so that a reasonable light level is achieved across the entire parking lot surface.

Typical parking lot light poles are manufactured out of steel. The most common variety is a 4’ square steel pole. The second most common variety is a 5’ square steel pole. Common pole lengths include 16’, 18’ and 20’.

Light poles are attached to concrete bases using anchor bolts. Most poles use four anchor bolts, however smaller applications may use fewer and bigger applications will use more. The anchor bolts are permanently installed into the concrete base as the base is poured. Anchor bolts are positioned along the “Bolt Circle.”  By knowing the specified bolt circle and the number of anchor bolts, the exact placement of the anchor bolts can be determined.

Light fixtures are typically mounted to the top of the pole, however some applications will have supplementary lights installed lower on the pole. Light fixtures are attached using a few common methods. Some light fixtures are designed to bolt directly to the pole. This provides a consistent installation but limits adjustability. For applications which require multiple LED light fixtures or where the lights need to swivel and rotate, mounting arms and mounting tenons are typically used. These tenons are sometimes called “bullhorns.” When tenons or bullhorns are used, the tenon or bullhorn is mounted to the light pole and the lights are mounted to the tenon or bullhorn.

Optimal light pole length varies by application but the majority of installations perform best with poles in the 18’ to 20’ range. Glare and shadows are reduced and the coverage area is increased when compared to installations using shorter poles.

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