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LED Parking Garage Lighting

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Jarvis Lighting manufactures a variety of LED lights for parking garages, car parks and other structures. These application-specific products are built to provide illumination, safety, durability and efficiency.

Basics of LED Parking Garage Lighting

Parking garage light fixtures balance several requirements. Optics of the light fixture are important so that the light output is usable. A wide light pattern is important so that the garage has minimal dark spots. Glare must also be managed. Size and shape of the light fixture is also an important consideration so that ceiling clear-height is not reduced.

LED parking garage lights typically feature a light color temperature of 4000K or 5000K. Parking garages can be wired at a variety of voltages. 120-277V is most common, however other voltages are sometimes used.

There are a wide variety of sensor options and other lighting controls for LED parking garage lights. These sensors sometimes are a simple on/off photocell or motion sensor. Passive Infared Sensors, also known as PIR Sensors, are sometimes used to detect activity in a parking garage and switch the lights on. Microwave sensors are also commonly used to detect activity. PIR sensors tend to be less expensive, however their line of site is more limited.  Microwave sensors typically cost a bit more, however they are better at detecting objects behind other objects – for example, if someone is walking behind a parked car.

These sensors can be used in conjunction with dimming controls.  A common solution is to have a light fixture attached to a motion sensor that dims the light. This setup typically operates at 30% or 50% brightness when nobody is around, however the brightness is increased to 100% when activity is detected. After activity is no longer detected, the light fixture dims back down to 30% or 50%. A setup like this offer greater energy efficiency while maintaining adequate light at all times.

Typical Installation Methods of LED Parking Garage Lights

The majority of lighting installed in parking garages is mounted directly to the ceiling. Light fixtures can be mounted over a junction box, with the power entering the light fixture through the back of the fixture. Light fixtures can also be mounted directly to the ceiling, with power being brought into the light fixture through a knock-out on the side of the light fixture. Depending on the design of the parking garage, pendant-mounting may be the preferred installation method. When pendant mounting, the light fixture is hung from a pendant and power is typically brought into the back of the light fixture through the pendant.

Upgrading Parking Garages from Fluorescent or HID lights to LED Technology

When considering a lighting retrofit or upgrade project for your parking garage, we recommend starting by assessing what the existing lighting setup consists of. This includes both the type of lights, their power consumption, their installation method and how the electrical was brought into each light. Some parking structure designs make it easy to relocate or add luminaires. Parking garage designs that have located the existing conduit inside concrete present additional challenges so it is typically best to position the new LED parking garage lights exactly where the old lights were. Jarvis Lighting has designed a variety of parking garage lights that can be used in place of existing HID and fluorescent lights. By using the proper light for the application, the end result typically is better and the project usually is completed more efficiently.  Please contact us at (800) 363-1075 for more information.

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