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Petroleum Canopy Lighting

Use Jarvis Lighting’s petroleum canopy fixtures to help fuel your business. Our products are specifically designed to illuminate a gas station’s forecourt and undercanopy areas.

The XBEAM™ canopy light is designed for new construction and retrofit applications.  This light offers the industry’s best optics to help improve site visibility.

The SCRT canopy retrofit kit is specifically designed to upgrade existing “Scottsdale*” canopy lights manufactured by LSI Industries, Inc.  This kit offers the fastest installation and does not disturb the site’s existing wiring.

Lighting is an important – and often overlooked – part of operating a fuel store.  We are experts at petroleum lighting.  Call us at (800) 363-1075 with any questions!

*”Scottsdale” is a registered trademark of LSI Industries, Inc.

Introduction to LED Canopy Lights for Petroleum Applications

LED canopy lighting differs from typical lighting applications because of the unique needs of gas stations. Luminaires need to be designed to install into a standard canopy deck pan without substantial structural changes. The optical requirements also differ for gas station and petro applications. Lights need to be bright and create light that illuminates a site. The light needs to communicate that a facility is open and safe.

Optical Requirements for Forecourt Lighting

Gas station forecourts and under-canopy areas need an optimized light pattern that is unique to canopy lighting. The light pattern must be wide enough to illuminate areas around the canopy and to illuminate the vertical surfaces of objects (including dispensers, canopy columns and signage) under the canopy. Light color ratings typically range from daylight-white (5000K Kelvin) to slightly cool white (5700K Kelvin.) In certain circumstances, local municipalities may have regulations which require warmer color temperatures, such as 4000K  or 3500K.

LED Canopy Light Fixture Spacing and Optics

The spacing of an LED canopy light has substantial impact upon how a site appears. Typical lighting layouts feature 2 lights per dispenser side. Depending on canopy height and fuel dispenser layout, different spacings may be optimal. Truck stops often have different spacing needs, to compensate for light being blocked by a semi truck when it is positioned under the canopy. The team at Jarvis Lighting can offer recommendations or provide photometrics when needed to ensure that an LED canopy light installation provides optimal light output.

Additional Technical Requirements for Gas Station LED Canopy Lighting

Jarvis Lighting has you covered for all technical requirements of LED gas station lighting. Gas stations canopies are typically wired at a voltage between 120-277V. Rarely, 480V is used and even more rarely, 347V is used.  Jarvis Lighting manufactures LED canopy lights that meet all of those technical requirements.

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