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Jarvis Lighting
1950 Estes Avenue,
Elk Grove Village,
IL 60007
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Main address: 1950 Estes Ave, 60007 Elk Grove Village, IL
Tel:(800)363-1075, Fax:(312)284-5576 , E-mail: info@jarvislighting.com
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Jarvis Lighting manufactures the best petroleum lighting available anywhere.  We understand the unique needs of gas stations, truck stops and other fueling facilities.  Our products are designed to both reduce operation costs and increase visibility.

More Marketing Light

In order to sell a lot of fuel, customers need to be able to find the facility.  At night, lighting can serve an even larger role than signage in making sure that customers can locate the gas station.  We’ve designed our XBEAM™ Series canopy light to help make a gas station more visible from afar.  Even when compared to other gas stations with similarly powered lights, a gas station or truck stop lit with Jarvis XBEAM canopy lights will be more visible from farther away.

The Problem With Most LED Canopy Lights

Most canopy lights don’t have any significant optics.  A typical LED canopy light points the LEDs straight at the ground, pushing the light downwards.  This is good for security lighting but not good for marketing lighting.  The problem is that the ground isn’t visible from a few hundred feet away.  The parts of a gas station that are visible from a few hundred feet away are the dispensers and canopy columns.

It is critical that potential customers see a gas station from a few hundred feet away.  This gives the customer time to make the decision to purchase gas.

XBEAM Is The Solution

We have invented the industry’s best solution to this challenge.  Jarvis XBEAM Series lights feature CrossBeam™ optics.  Instead of aiming our LEDs down, we mount them in the corner of our light, angled inwards.  We use 4 large LEDs which sends the light in a CrossBeam pattern. This directs the most intense part of the LED right onto the face of the fuel dispenser.This feature makes a site more visible from farther away and provides potential customers with more time to make a purchasing decision.

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