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Main address: 1950 Estes Ave, 60007 Elk Grove Village, IL
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Tenons, Bullhorns and Light Pole Accessories

Jarvis Lighting manufactures a wide variety of light pole accessories. Our selection of tenons, bullhorns and other mounting brackets can be used to attach LED area lights and LED flood lights to a variety of light poles.

Basics about Tenons, Bullhorns, Slipfitters and Mounting Brackets

The primary purpose of any mounting tenon, bullhorn or mounting bracket is to position light fixtures correctly. There are several considerations for each installation that can help determine the best bracket for the job.


Light Pole Mounting Tenons are commonly used on square and round light poles. Tenons typically sit on top of a light pole and either fit inside or outside the top portion of a light pole. Stainless steel bolts are used to secure the tenon to the light pole.The opposite side of the tenon typically has a round mount or round pipe-stub. One light fixture fits on each round mount. The round mount typically runs in a vertical orientation. Tenons commonly hold between one and four light fixtures.


Bullhorns are typically interchangeable with tenons. Bullhorns are built from larger sections of round steel and the steel is often curved, creating a similar appearance to a pair of bullhorns. Bullhorns and tenons can typically be used interchangeably and the core differences are cosmetic.


Slipfitters are common on many LED parking lot lights and LED flood lights. The slipfitter is the section of the light fixture which mounts the light to either a light pole or a tenon. Slipfitters typically have an adjustable knuckle which can be used to change the angle and tilt of the light fixture. Slipfitters typically have a 3” inner diameter opening which slips over the round mount of a tenon. The round mount allows the lights to be rotated and swiveled so that light can be aimed in the optimal direction.

Wall Mount Brackets:

Wall mount brackets can be used in applications which require an LED area light or LED flood light to be mounted to a wall, a wooden light pole, or to a lower section of a light pole. Wall mount brackets typically consist of a square or rectangular plate which provides the mounting structure. Round steel tubing is welded to the plate. Light fixtures which feature a slipfitter can then be attached to the wall mount bracket.

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