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PG Series

PG Series

The PG Series offers a Low Bay LED fixture which efficiently delivers maximum lumens while consuming less energy than traditional Metal Halide lights.  Available in three different power levels, the PG Series offers a sleek, round shape making it look great in any application including parking garages and warehouses.  All models are compatible with occupancy control sensors providing even better energy efficiency.


  • Energy efficient low bay lighting option delivering maximum lumens output
  • Output from 3,800 lumens to 7,600 lumens with 30W, 45W or 60W LEDs
  • Color: 5000K
  • Easy installation process
  • UL Listed for indoor applications
  • Includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty

Ordering Options

  • PG-100-WHT
    • 3,800 lumens, 30W LED, 5000K
  • PG-175-WHT
    • 5,800 lumens, 45W LED, 5000K
  • PG-250-WHT
    • 7,600 lumens, 60W LED, 5000K
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