Jarvis Lighting
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Jarvis Lighting
1950 Estes Avenue,
Elk Grove Village,
IL 60007
Email: info@jarvislighting.com
(800) 363-1075
Jarvis Lighting Contact Details:
Main address: 1950 Estes Ave, 60007 Elk Grove Village, IL
Tel:(800)363-1075, Fax:(312)284-5576 , E-mail: info@jarvislighting.com
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Photocell A306
Photocell 480VStemPhotocell 120VButton


Photocells offer increased control and energy savings for your light fixture. Most commonly mounted directly to a light fixture. photocells will automatically turn the fixture on/off depending on ambient light levels. Photocell controllers. when in installed properly, can help achieve California Title 24 compliance.


Button photocells are mounted inside an enclosure or a luminaire, typically through a standard knock-out, with only a small portion of the photocell visible when installed.

Stem photocells are installed into an enclosure or a luminaire and protrude outside the light fixture

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