Sku: BFL-800-30K-UV-W-BRZ-DM

The Jarvis BFL Series LED wall pack is the only wall pack that features a 2-position mounting plate which allows for configuring the light fixture on site. Versatile optics are combined with elegant design and rugged construction. Combined with the cosmetically similar AL and AL-EMER Series’, The BFL series allows a site to have uniform fixture appearance while solving multiple light throw requirements.

Product Advantages

FlexPackTM design can convert between a forward throw and a dark sky

The BFL series FlexPackTM design allows for a single site to feature uniform fixtures. The BFL can be quickly and easily converted to match your specific needs, even if those needs change after the initial installation.

Glass lens never yellows

A high quality glass lens means the BFL will never have reduced light output due to a yellowing lens.

Large housing sized to cover wall scars from up to a 1000W metal halide wallpack or flood light

This feature makes the BFL a breeze to install and perfect for covering up oversized wall scars left by old high wattage fixtures being replaced so the job site looks clean and professional after installation.