Sku: DOCK-23W-40K

The DOCK light illuminates truck docks while using less power than traditional options. Compatible with an optional 42" adjustable arm and high-quality illumination.

Product Advantages

Compact yet durable die-cast aluminum housing

The DOCK series can stand up to the wear and tear of a busy loading dock and everyday use. By using a durable die-cast aluminum housing instead of plastic, Jarvis Lighting is ensuring you can always count on the DOCK series.

Available with a 42” adjustable mounting arm

The DOCK series can be ordered with an easy to use and adjustable 42” mounting arm. This allows you to get the high quality lighting you need, exactly where you need it, even in hard to reach places.

Achieves OSHA regulation for truck dock lighting requirements

OSHA regulations require that all truck docks be equipped with adequate lighting for all working areas, including inside trailers. The DOCK series is designed to help you meet these requirements and help create a safe and efficient working environment.