Sku: HBL-12-12L-50K

The Jarvis HBL Series LED linear high bay fixture is a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of high bay lighting needs. Common applications include gymnasiums, factories, and warehouses.

Product Advantages

Optical diffuser improves eye comfort and reduces glare

A common issue with linear high bay fixtures with poor optics is that they produce a high level of unwanted glare. The HBL series utilizes an optical diffuser to vastly improve eye comfort and reduce glare.

Advanced thermal management aluminum alloy

By utilizing a thermal management aluminum alloy the HBL series is able to operate at cooler temperatures than the competition, thus ensuring an increased lifetime for the fixture.

Multiple mounting and hanging options for easy installation

The HBL series can be mounted via a steel wire rope, conduit pendant, or surface mounted making it highly adaptable to almost any type of installation.