Sku: JSP-1L-40K-BRZ

The Jarvis JSP Series LED slim wall pack is a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of security, pathway and perimeter lighting, as well as commercial and residential building entryways and walkway applications. Capable of up to 80 watts and 7,801 lumens, this fixture will provide high quality illumination of any outdoor location without sacrificing a sleek architectural design. Designed as a full cutoff fixture but with a forward throw optical reflector, the JSP Series provides the lighting you need without unwanted glare.

Product Advantages

Zero uplight for clean and even light distribution

The JSP provides brilliant illumination, without unwanted glare. Featuring optics designed to eliminate uplight and drastically reduce glare, The JSP is designed to keep spaces safely lit without distracting uplight.

UV-resistant powdercoat finish avoid fading and flaking

Treated with a UV-resistant powdercoat finish, the fixture’s paint won't flake or fade over time, ensuring the fixture always looks clean and professional.

1-10V dimming capability

1-10V dimming capability allows for additional energy savings. Unlike the competition, the JSP series can be dimmed to the exact light output the job site requires or integrated with additional energy saving accessories.