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LED Panel and LED Troffer Lighting

LED Panel Lighting and LED Troffer Lighting

Jarvis Lighting manufactures LED panel Lighting and LED troffer lighting for use in offices, retail stores and other spaces which require high quality light. Our lights are designed to be bright, reliable and efficient.

Introduction to LED Panel Lighting and LED Troffer Lighting

Panel lights and troffer lights are designed to fit into a building’s 2×4 or 2×2 T-bar ceiling grid or modular drop ceiling. Lights are sized similarly to ceiling tiles so that the light fixture takes the place where a ceiling tile could have been positioned.

The primary objective of any LED panel or troffer light is to create a space that is well-lit and comfortable. Properly lit spaces have minimal shadows and a consistent level of light throughout. Comfortably lit spaces have appropriate brightness levels. The light is flicker-free, glare-free and has accurate colors.

Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index for Office and Retail Lighting

The color of the light, also known as the color temperature, is important to create a productive space. Most office lighting applications select a 4000K color temperature.  This is slightly warmer than daylight white.  This light is softer on the eyes and helps reduce strain throughout a workday. Most retail applications select either a 4000K or 5000K color temperature.  The 4000K color temperature is slightly more comfortable.  The 5000K color temperature is slightly more energized.

Color Rendering Index, also known as CRI, is important for all panel light and troffer light applications. CRI is rated on a scale of 0 to 100.  In general, light fixtures with higher CRI ratings do a better job of accurately rendering colors on the objects being illuminated. Color accuracy is important for both office and retail applications.  Light fixtures with a CRI of 80 or greater are generally considered to be good for indoor applications.

LED Upgrades and Retrofits

When upgrading an existing office or retail operation, the most common method is to replace each existing light with a new LED light of identical size. Another common method is to retrofit each light using a magnetic retrofit kit. When using the magnetic retrofit kit, the existing fixture is left in place but the old lamps and ballast are removed. The new LED power supply and new LED boards are added to the existing light fixture and held in place using strong magnetcs.


For office and retail applications, sometimes dimming is required. The industry standard dimming technology is 0-10V dimming. To install light fixtures with dimming, a 0-10V dimmer must be installed and two control wires must be ran to each light fixture. The 0-10V dimmer typically functions as a switch and dimmer in one unit. The JLP Series offers 0-10V dimming.

Additional Installation Considerations

LED panel lights and LED troffer lights typically installed so they sit inside a “T-grid” drop-ceiling. There are other mounting methods occasionally used. Certain areas, especially areas prone to earthquakes, may require that light fixtures have additional mounting hardware to prevent the light fixtures from falling in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. The JLP series has hardware which typically allows for compliance in these scenarios.

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