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LED Wall Pack Security Lighting

Jarvis Lighting manufactures LED wall packs for all applications. Our product range includes forward-throw and full cut-off light distributions. Power levels range from 14 watts to 253 watts and lumens range from 1,500 lumens to over 30,000 lumens.

Jarvis wall packs are perfect for replacing metal halide, sodium, CFL or other old lighting technologies from 50W to 1000W. Our products are ETL and UL Listed, DLC Qualified and are rated for operation in wet locations.

Introduction to LED Wall Packs Using LED Technology

LED wall packs are commercial light fixtures that are installed on the walls of buildings, businesses, parking garages and other locations. Their primary function is to illuminate the areas surrounding the building to ensure safety and visibility. By positioning the lights in specific locations, the safety and security of a site can be improved.

Wall Packs Are Application Specific

Different lighting requirements call for different light fixtures and different installation positions. Factors such as building height and brightness requirements change which lights are optimal.  Wall packs are manufactured in several varieties.  Differences include wattage, lumen output, optical light distribution and lens type. Lens types can include prismatic glass, acrylic, high impact polycarbonate and tempered glass. Typical housing colors include bronze and white. Optical types typically include forward-throw, full cut-off and wide optics. Some wall packs also are manufactured with flood type optics.

New Construction Applications

When installing LED wall packs for new construction, lights can be specified to provide maximum uniformity and minimal glare. Photometric renderings are typically created before construction begins.  Jarvis Lighting offers photometrics – contact us for more information.

Retrofit and LED Upgrade Applications

LED wall packs are an easy way to increase a site’s energy efficiency and safety. During an LED upgrade, new lights are typically installed in the exact location as existing lights. Existing optic types (forward throw or dark sky/full cut-off) can be matched or changed depending on site specific demands. Electrical power requirements for the new LEDs are typically significantly reduced. Jarvis Lighting has designed several products that have dimensions similar to existing metal-halide, HPS or other lights. Using one of these products can make upgrades easier by covering all sections of wall that were previously covered by the existing lights, hiding any stains that formed behind the old light.

Differences Between Existing HID and LED Wall Packs

Existing HID wall packs are less efficient than LED wall packs. This is for multiple reasons, including design of the light source and design of the luminaire. HID light sources are typically lamps of some variety. These lamps are omni-directional and send a substantial amount of light backwards into the light fixture. Reflectors designed into the luminaire attempt to re-direct this but often more than 50% of light is lost. LED wall packs feature directional light sources and more advanced optical design.  Minimal light is lost inside the housing and more light is sent towards the ground.

Metal Halide Wall PackLED Wall Pack
Lifetime of Light Source6000-1500050000-100000
Luminaire Efficiency (lumens per watt)50-75 lumens90-130
Restart Time (minutes)1/15/20190

Need more info on LED Wall Packs?

Our team of experts is happy to answer all of your questions about LED wall packs. Call us at (800) 363-1075.

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