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Photometric Lighting Plan & Layout Support

Jarvis Lighting can typically provide initial photometrics at no cost. Every project is different, so projects that are time intensive or contain light fixtures produced by other manufacturers may require us to charge for photometric work.

Be confident that your project will be a success with our project support. Our team can create lighting layouts and photometric reports that are specifically designed to ensure the final installation meets and exceeds all project goals. We can cater to all levels of photometric design requirements including reports used to confirm brightness levels and for project permitting.

Submit your information below and our team will reach out to you to start designing your project.

Additional Information About Photometrics

Photometric reports are used to calculate and show the light levels of a proposed lighting
design. Typically the light levels are displayed at multiple points on the drawing, with the
brightness level shown next to each point in either footcandles(fc) or lux(lx). It is also common
to show the brightness levels as a heatmap.

Creating a photometric report starts with a site drawing. Jarvis Lighting’s team can use existing
drawings in nearly any format. A site drawing can also be created from a simple sketch, or from
a satellite image found online.

After the site drawing is completed, our team will use software to add the lighting layout on top
of the site drawing. Our designers will place each light fixture on the drawing, indicating the
position, direction and angle of each light. The software then can combine the site drawing with
the .IES data to create a photometric report.

In addition to the site drawing, an .IES file is required for each type of light fixture used in the
photometric report. An .IES file is a specifically formatted file that represents each light fixture’s
brightness and light output. Jarvis Lighting has .IES files available for our products.

Standard photometric reports are 2-dimensional. Jarvis Lighting has the capability to create 3-D photometric reports if needed.

Jarvis Lighting can create lighting designs that meet local regulations and requirements. Our photometric reports are commonly used to support permit applications for both outdoor and indoor lighting projects.

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