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Welcome to Jarvis Lighting's blog, your ultimate resource for illuminating insights on LED lighting. Discover cutting-edge technologies, energy-saving tips, and creative design ideas to transform your spaces with bright, eco-friendly, and cost-effective lighting solutions. Let's brighten your world together!

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How to Design Gas Station Lighting: Requirements & Standards

by Jarvis Staff

In the world of business, some lights shine brighter than others, and nowhere is that more evident than at a gas station. Picture the scene: it's late at night, a...

Different Types of Lighting Control Systems and Their Benefits

by Jarvis Staff

In the realm of commercial LED lighting, there's more than meets the eye. Beyond the glow and luminescence that define spaces, there's a silent operator at work: lighting control systems....

High Bay vs Low Bay Lighting Fixtures: A Buyer's Guide

by Jarvis Staff

When it comes to commercial lighting, not all fixtures are created equal. Depending on the unique demands of your space, the strategic selection of lighting types can significantly impact visibility,...

How to Choose the Right LED Light Fixture Manufacturer

by Jarvis Staff

In the dynamic world of commercial lighting, the rapid adoption of LED technology has left many businesses faced with the challenge of choosing the right LED light fixture manufacturer. It's...

Commercial Lighting Control Systems: Types, Benefits, and Implementation Steps

by Jarvis Staff

Lighting control systems are designed to control the amount and timing of lighting within a building or space. These systems offer a range of energy-saving benefits that can help reduce...

How to Convert Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures to LED with Retrofit Kits

by Jarvis Staff

In our current era of ever-increasing energy costs and growing environmental awareness, lighting solutions can be a significant factor in both utility bills and ecological footprint. At Jarvis Lighting, we...

Are High Bay Lights Dimmable?

by Corey Graves

We often find ourselves in those moments of daybreak or dusk when we wish to fine-tune the intensity of the artificial lights around us. Just like the gradual, graceful transition...

LED Lighting Technology Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

by Corey Graves

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of LED lighting technology, its advantages, and its various applications.  Get ready to level up your expertise and illuminate the world...

The Benefits of Dimmable High Bay Lighting in Commercial Spaces

by Kirby Corkill

Dimmable high bay lighting is becoming increasingly popular in commercial spaces due to its numerous benefits. These lighting fixtures are designed to provide flexible lighting options that can be adjusted...

Commercial Lighting Design Guide: From Concept to Installation

by Kirby Corkill

Evaluating Client Needs and Site Conditions Before designing any lighting solution, you must understand the client's requirements and evaluate the site's existing conditions. Here's a step-by-step process to gather essential...

Parking Lot Lighting: Key Components & Design Best Practices

by Kirby Corkill

Parking lots are an essential component of modern urban landscapes, providing necessary spaces for vehicles and pedestrians to coexist. The proper lighting of these facilities is crucial to ensure their...

Lighting Optics Guide

by Kirby Corkill

How do you make sure you pick the right optics for your projects? Well, first of all, you need to know what constitutes a good optic.   A good optic is...

Light Pole Anchor Bolt Replacement: What Size & How to Measure

by Kirby Corkill

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common problems contractors encounter in their projects. The base plate of this new light pole does not match the bolt...

One Light Fixture - Multiple Applications

by Kirby Corkill

FlexPack™ design allows for a single site to feature uniform fixtures. The fixture can be quickly and easily converted to match your specific needs, even if those needs change after...

Technology Roadmap: Networked Lighting Controls

by Kirby Corkill

Why is the industry moving to network lighting controls? LED chip advancements are slowing down. The market seems to be looking to advanced controls systems to increase lighting efficiency and...

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