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For professionals in the field, understanding the intricacies of lighting technology is essential. Networked lighting controls are rapidly becoming a cornerstone in the industry, offering enhanced control, efficiency, and adaptability. This guide aims to shed light on this technology, its benefits, and its practical applications in a manner that's comprehensive yet accessible to the everyday electrician.

Understanding Networked Lighting Controls

Networked lighting controls represent a significant advancement in lighting technology. This system allows lighting fixtures within a facility to communicate and coordinate with one another, enabling a higher degree of control through features such as grouping, dimming, and motion sensing.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Energy Savings: Adopting networked lighting controls, in conjunction with transitioning to LED lighting technology, can result in a reduction in energy consumption by 50 to 70%. This not only leads to considerable cost savings but also contributes to environmental conservation.
  • Wireless Integration: The wireless nature of network lighting controls simplifies the process, especially when converting fluorescent to LED. This feature reduces the need for extensive rewiring, making installations more straightforward and cost-effective.
  • Strategic Lighting Management: Networked lighting controls allow for the implementation of advanced lighting strategies, including daylight harvesting lighting controls, which adjust artificial lighting based on the available natural light, thereby optimizing energy usage.
  • Utility Incentives: The adoption of networked lighting controls is often accompanied by additional incentives from utility companies, providing further financial benefits alongside those gained from LED conversions.
  • Compatibility with Diverse Technologies: Networked lighting controls are versatile and can be integrated with various other technologies such as DALI lighting controls, PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting, Bluetooth mesh lighting control, IoT lighting control, and Zigbee lighting control.

The Role of Jarvis Lighting

Jarvis Lighting has been a pioneer in the field of networked lighting controls, offering both the requisite hardware and software solutions. Our commitment to supporting clients from the design phase through to implementation ensures successful project completion and helps navigate any challenges associated with this innovative technology.


The advent of networked lighting controls signifies a new era in commercial lighting control systems, and Jarvis Lighting is dedicated to assisting professionals in harnessing the full potential of this technology. For more information and tailored assistance, please visit Jarvis Lighting. Together, let’s explore the possibilities of advanced illumination and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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