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Why is the industry moving to network lighting controls?

LED chip advancements are slowing down. The market seems to be looking to advanced controls systems to increase lighting efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Networked Lighting Controls Project Guide - Main Takeaways

Where is the industry with this new tech?

Network controls are maturing. Costs are stabilizing, and performance is going up. Network controls for both indoor and outdoor are now at a stage where they can be sold and installed in typical projects instead of just being reserved for high-end specialty projects. 

There is currently a mix of quality systems and also garbage systems.

Many systems run on "Bluetooth Mesh," but the system's software can vary broadly in capability and performance.

Basic commissioning of many controls systems is getting easier. At the same time, capabilities are increasing, which can make the sales and pre-commissioning processes more complicated.

Two Crucial Factors in Every Network Controls Project.

The most critical factor to completing a "controls" project is ensuring that "controls" come into play in the early phases of the project planning. Too many projects have "controls" tacked on as an afterthought, which makes installation more complex, and the system's performance might not be as good as it could have been.

The second most crucial factor is ensuring the "controls" system has the capabilities that the project needs both from a software and a hardware perspective. If the project has a clear "controls" plan, it is easy to tell whether it can meet project requirements.

Now you're ready to ace your next network controls project!

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