The HBL-A series is a dependable and affordable solution for a wide variety of high bay lighting applications including replacing HID and linear fluorescent high bay lights. Featuring optics specifically designed to maximize light uniformity while focusing on minimizing unwanted glare. This series is perfect for lighting upgrades of gymnasiums, factories, and warehouses. The HBL-A series provides high quality lighting at a cost-effective solution.

Product Advantages

Frosted optical diffuser with glare reduction optics improves eye comfort

A common issue with linear high bay fixtures with poor optics is that they produce a high level of unwanted glare. This glare can be harmful and distracting. The HBL-A series utilizes a frosted optical diffuser coupled with glare reduction optics to vastly improve eye comfort.

Housing built from durable stamped steel with integrated thermal management for increased fixture longevity

By separating the driver compartment from the LEDs, the HBL-A’s design allows for better airflow and thermal management. This allows the HBL-A series to operate at a cooler temperature than the competition, thus ensuring an increased lifetime for the fixture.

Multiple mounting and hanging options for easy installation

The HBL-A series can be mounted via a chain and V-hook, conduit pendant, or junction box surface mount making it highly adaptable to almost any type of installation.