D2D Series incorporates all of your security lighting needs. It is perfect for residential exteriors, barn lighting, and perimeter lighting. This fixture has a twist-lock photocell and can be ordered with a pole mounting arm. With its useful mounting also comes with a long lasting illumination.

Product Advantages

UV-resistant prismatic lens reduces harsh glare

Generic polycarbonate lenses generate harsh glare and quickly yellow. The D2D series lens features a UV-resistant prismatic lens which reduces glare while drastically minimizing yellowing

Durable die-cast aluminum housing

Unlike cheap plastic fixtures that often crack or overheat easily, the D2D series is made from durable die-cast aluminum. This means the D2D has better thermal management to increase the fixture’s longevity.

Available mounting arm kit allows fixture to be either direct or pole mounted

The D2D can be ordered with a curved mounting arm meaning it can either be direct mounted or mounted using the arm. This provides installation flexibility so that the fixture works perfectly for your application.