The XBEAM LED Canopy Light is designed to provide superior lighting for gas stations and other canopy applications. Utilizing the industry’s most effective optics, the patented CrossBeam™ optics create a powerful, even light spread while consuming less power. This fixture can have many watt options and can provide the perfect illumination for many environments.

Product Advantages

CrossBeam™ optics improve site visibility from afar

The XBEAM series CrossBeam™ optics feature a wider light pattern improving the sites visibility from the road. This improved lighting feature helps to attract customers.

LEDs are aimed in multiple directions to light up dispensers and surrounding areas

Designed to aim to light at more than just the ground, the XBEAM helps to light up dispensers and more. This feature will improve customers' experiences by creating a uniformly lit site

1 person installation

Other petroleum canopy fixtures are often complex and slow to install requiring 2 or more people. The XBEAM series was designed to be fast and simple to install. Most importantly it can be installed by 1 person, saving time and money!