JSK Series LED Magnetic strip kit is used to upgrade existing 2x2 troffers to LED technology. JSK Series can replace T12, T8, or T5 tubes. With its quick installation, this kit provides bright and clear lighting for many environments. Every kit is included with a set of either 2 or 3 pieces of 2' LED strips with magnetic clips and 1 external supply.

Product Advantages

Ships as a complete kit in a single box

Design and packaged for quick and simple installation. Each box contains everything needed for a 2’x2’ fixture. Many similar retrofit kits often ship as separate parts which increases the risk of job delays due to mismatched component counts.

0-10V Dimming and sensor ready

Unlike the competition, the JSK kit features dimming capability at no additional cost. Out of the box the retrofit kit can be easily installed for dimming and is compatible with the Jarvis PhotoMotion series motion sensors for additional energy savings.

High efficiency increases rebate incentives

Featuring efficacy of over 140 lumens per watt the JSK maximizes rebate incentives, increasing the opportunity to take advantage of cost savings in addition to great energy usage reduction.