The Jarvis PG Series provides a perfect solution for a wide variety of parking garage and canopy lighting applications. This luminaire provides long lasting and high quality illumination for many garage applications.

Attention: For products using PhotoMotion™ sensors, the sensors can be partially programmed with internal switches but not all functions can be programmed. For total customization of all functions, the A315 Programming Remote is required and can be seen and purchased here: A315 PhotoMotion™ Programming Remote

Product Advantages

Purpose built parking garage design

Designed specifically for parking garage installations, the PG offers application specific optics and housing design. This means a wide uniform light pattern that minimizes glare and a slim profile housing design. The round housing design ensures fixtures never appear crooked.

Easily integrates with Jarvis PhotoMotion Sensors

The PG can be ordered with a pre-installed and programmed PhotoMotion sensor which significantly increases energy savings and allows the fixture to be custom tailored to the needs of your site.

Impact resistant, tamper resistant polycarbonate lens

A durable polycarbonate lens that optimizes light output means you never have to worry about the optical chamber being damaged or destroyed.