The Jarvis PGC Series provides a perfect solution for a wide variety of eave, soffit, parking garage, and canopy lighting applications. The PGC is also designed for easy installation in retrofit applications using the soffit retrofit adapter plate. With its compact design along with different watt options, this light fixture will guarantee excellent illumination for many environments.

Product Advantages

Ultra clear glass lens never yellows

The ultra clear glass lens means that the PGC series will never have reduced light output due to a yellowing lens.

Fits in almost any application

At only 7.5" square the ultra compact design can fit into the tightest of spaces. Available adapter panels allow the PGC to quickly fit almost anywhere either as a new installation or a retrofit.

Knockouts available on all 4 sides and rear

Designed to make installation a breeze, the PGC features knockout on all 4 sides and the rear of the fixture.