This sleek linear strip retrofit kit is compatible with many linear fluorescent light fixtures, including T8 and T12 fixtures. Built for lighting fast installations, its unique design creates bright even light while minimizing uncomfortable glare. A single SRK will retrofit most single or twin lamp fixtures, additionally two units can be used end-to-end to retrofit an 8’ T12 fixture.

Product Advantages

Optical diffuser improves eye comfort and reduces glare

The SRKs impact resistant lens features an optical diffuser specifically designed to minimize glare and provide a uniform light output, thus improved eye comfort.

Retrofit design save installation time by using existing lamp body

Achieves a lighting fast upgrade to LED technology. The SRK can be quickly and easily installed without needing to waste time removing the existing light fixture.

Hides all old componentry and appears as a new fixture

The SRK once installed will completely cover the existing lamp body componentry giving your lights the appearance of a clean, brand new LED light fixture. Other retrofit kits don’t cover the existing componentry and lack the high quality professional look of an SRK.