The Jarvis SAR Series slim LED area light is a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of parking lot and other area lighting applications. This fixture is available in 3 different mounting options, 2 different voltage ranges, and in addition it is 0-10V dimming capable. Great illumination for many environments at a lower cost.

Product Advantages

Slim die-cast aluminum housing

The SAR series is designed to provide long lasting illumination in a low cost fixture. By utilizing a single piece die-cast housing the fixture is able to be more durable and long lasting than competitors area lights that are extruded or made from several die-cast pieces. The slim housing design has the added advantage of reducing the fixtures profile to lessen wind load requirements.

Available in several mounting styles for every parking lot application

The SAR2 fixtures can be mounted directly to a round or square pole, using a slipfitter, or to a wall. This allows for a professional looking fixture uniformity across even job sites that have a variety of installation locations.

Type III optics are optimized to send light in a forward and wide pattern

The type III optics are precisely designed to maximize the distribution, efficiency and application spacing. Additionally the fixture’s optical lens is a UV resistant polycarbonate that provides outstanding corrosion protection.