The Jarvis FLD Series is a robust and efficient LED flood light fixture, designed for optimal performance and longevity. Featuring an adjustable knuckle mount for easy installation, a durable die-cast aluminum housing, and an impact-resistant tempered glass lens, it ensures superior light output and resilience. Its electrical safeguards and weather-resistant properties make it a versatile and reliable lighting solution for various environments.

Product Advantages

Easy Installation with Adjustable Knuckle Mount

The Jarvis FLD Series comes with an adjustable knuckle mount, designed for easy installation into any 1/2" NPS thread or standard junction box. This feature provides a perfect mounting angle, giving contractors flexibility during installation and ensuring optimal light positioning.

Built to Last with Durable Die-cast Aluminum Housing

The housing of the FLD Series fixtures is made from die-cast aluminum, offering more durability than plastic alternatives. This means less maintenance, fewer replacements, and a longer-lasting product—making it a cost-effective choice for contractors.

Protection and Safety Features

With over voltage protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection included, the FLD Series ensures safety and reliability during operation. These built-in safeguards offer peace of mind to contractors, knowing that the fixtures they install are well-protected against common electrical issues.