The Jarvis Lighting SCRT canopy retrofit kit is the best solution for retrofitting existing Scottsdale* metal halide canopy lights on gas station canopies. This retrofit kit is the only retrofit that replaces the existing fixture’s entire optical unit while maintaining the existing fixture’s mechanicals. Most retrofit kits leave the existing, corroded glass in place which blocks light and reduces performance. The SCRT-320 features a sealed optical unit, allowing the LEDs to project their full brightness for a great performing installation.

Product Advantages

Glass lens never yellow

The SCRT series features a glass lens which will never yellow over time, ensuring optimal performance and light output for years to come

Designed to be the fastest canopy retrofit installation in the industry

By allowing the existing conduit and internal mechanicals to remain in place the SCRT can be quickly and easily installed, saving time and money.

Pressure equalization system eliminates gasket fatigue

The optical unit of the SCRT-320 is fully sealed and features a hydrophobic vent to equalize pressure and reduce gasket fatigue due to thermal cycling. This feature increases the longevity as compared to competitors products which often fail due to gasket issues.