The new JTRF Troffer Series from Jarvis Lighting is an easy-to-install indoor lighting solution. This troffer series provides bright, comfortable lighting for interior and office environments. It is designed with a slim housing construction for ease of installation into low clearance applications. Easily adjust the fixture wattage during installation to achieve the perfect lighting for your application.

Product Advantages

Easily adjusts to 4 different wattages

The JTRF is able to be easily adjusted in the field to 4 different wattages. This allows you to get the perfect lighting level you need for your space. No need to order new fixtures if you need more or less light.

Built-in 12v auxiliary power for accessories

Compatible with a wide array of lighting controls, the JTRF series features a power supply equipped with 12v auxiliary power. This allows the JTRF series fixture to power a variety of motion sensors and other lighting controls designed to you maximize your energy savings.

Fits all standard T-grid drop ceilings

The JTRF is designed with edges that will fit both narrow and wide T-bars, so you can be confident installation will be quick and simple.