The Jarvis JTRFRK Series is a LED Troffer Retrofit Luminaire with a slim, easy-to-install design perfect for low clearance retrofit applications. It features adjustable wattage, reduced glare due to a unique optic design, and compatibility with networked lighting control systems. It's also energy-efficient, durable with CRS steel construction, and environmentally-friendly with zero mercury content. Available in both 2ft x 2ft and 2ft x 4ft models.

Product Advantages

Efficient and Adjustable Illumination

The Jarvis JTRFRK Series provides customizable lighting solutions with its wattage-adjustable LED system, allowing users to control and optimize their illumination needs efficiently.

Sleek, Easy Installation Design

The slim housing design of this retrofit luminaire ensures easy installation, even in low clearance applications. This saves labor costs and reduces installation complications, providing a seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

This LED troffer retrofit features a mercury-free construction, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly lighting solution. Its CRS steel construction and durable, rust-free fasteners promise long-lasting performance, adding value to your investment.