The Jarvis SRK-N Series LED Linear Strip Retrofit is a sleek, adjustable, and energy-efficient solution for upgrading existing HID and fluorescent fixtures. It features a durable stamped steel housing, a frosted polycarbonate lens, and a Z10-ready design for easy accessory installation. With adjustable color temperature and wattage, 0-10V dimming, and a 10-year warranty, this retrofit kit ensures superior eye comfort and reduced glare while saving installation time and effort.

Product Advantages

Effortless Upgrade

The SRK-N Series retrofit kit saves time and effort by using the existing lamp body, simplifying the installation process.

Adjustable settings

The product offers adjustable color temperature and wattage, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their preferences and requirements.

Enhanced durability

The SRK-N Series features a durable stamped steel housing and a robust polycarbonate lens, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.