Sku: AWP-3L-50K-UV-BRZ
Wall mounted light fixture for outdoor applications. This light fixture can be mounted as a forward-throw light or a downward-throw light.  This light fixture can have an added photocell option. The AWP Series features an aluminum housing, high efficiency LEDs and a glass lens that never yellows.

Product Advantages

FlexPackTM design can convert between a forward throw and a dark sky

The AWP series FlexPackTM design allows for a single site to feature uniform fixtures. The AWP can be quickly and easily converted to match your specific needs, even if those needs change after the initial installation.

UV-resistant powdercoat finish avoid fading and flaking

The die-cast aluminum housing of the AWP series is treated with a UV-resistant powdercoat. This means that the fixture’s paint won't flake or fade over time, ensuring the fixture always looks clean and professional.

Slim, compact design

The AWP’s design allows for a slim and compact profile while maintaining a powerful and uniform output light