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Transform Your Gas Stations with FlexBeam™

Enhance Brand Image with Cutting-Edge LED Canopy Light

AWP Series Wall Pack
AWP Series Wall Pack
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The "Side Throw" module for FlexBeam™ helps gas station owners maximize visibility and enhance safety. By directing extra light to key areas like the space between the canopy and the store or around the dispensers, it creates a brighter, more inviting environment. This means increased security, a better customer experience, and a more attractive gas station.
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The standout feature of this product is the optional High Output modules. These modules attach directly to the light, offering upgraded optics like a Drop Lens or a directional Side Throw. For gas station owners, this means enhanced lighting flexibility and performance.
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A lock-in-ring installation method applies positive pressure to the canopy deck and ensures a leak free installation. Each LED module is individually sealed and features a hydrophobic breather vent to reduce gasket fatigue.
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FlexBeam™ is both wattage and color adjustable. If your gas stations requires a specific color temperature for local compliance, FlexBeam™ can be easily adjusted to meet those requirements.
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“FlexBeam™ lights are UL listed and DLC Premium Qualified, meeting top safety and energy-saving standards. With a 10-year warranty, you can trust they’re built to last and keep your site well-lit and efficient.”

FlexBeam™ Canopy Light

See How You Can Transform Your Gas Stations with FlexBeam™!

The FlexBeam™ FLX Series is ideal for gas stations aiming to enhance visibility and security around fuel pumps and storefronts. Its adjustable high-output modules focus light precisely where needed, ensuring key areas are well-lit and inviting, thereby improving safety and customer experience.

Product Highlights

Optional directional High Output Module can be rotated to aim light wherever it is needed

Available with flat lens, drop lens, and directional optics

Adjustable color temperature and power levels

Hear from our customers...

Maitland G.

Stoneway Electric Supply

"Jarvis’s products provide unique solutions that help ensure our customers are satisfied."

Tod Forbess

Founder & CEO of Benton Oil Company

"Install of the 10 pole lights was perfect! Great glow and lighting. We have NEVER been disappointed with your lighting products and I recommend them to every electrician I encounter who is looking for lighting needs."

Mike Rizman

Founder & CEO of Crown Lighting

"Jarvis Lighting has been a great partner for my company from the start. Their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in the industry."

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