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The Jarvis JSK Series LED magnetic strip kit is a retrofit solution that is used to upgrade existing 2x4 troffers to LED technology. The JSK Series can replace T12, T8,...
  • Ships as a complete kit in a single box
  • Pre-installed glare diffuser creates better light
  • Dimming and sensor capable
  • Fits 99.9% of existing troffers
Wattage Range: 12-36W
Lumens Range: 3,076-5,084lm
This sleek linear strip retrofit kit is compatible with many linear fluorescent light fixtures, including T8 and T12 fixtures. Built for lighting fast installations, its unique design creates bright even...
  • Hides existing fixture componentry and appears as a brand new LED fixture
  • Optical diffuser improves eye comfort and reduces glare
  • Compatible with motion sensors
  • Incredibly fast retrofit installation uses pre-existing lamp body
Wattage Range: 24-40W
Lumens Range: 3,120-5,205lm